Exposure data

Telescope:    12" Meade ACF f=1500mm
Reducer:    Lumicon Giant Easy Guider
Camera:    SBIG ST2000XM
Filters:    SBIG LRGB
Exposure times:    L:20x5min R:3x5min G:3x5min B:3x5min (L:1x1 RGB:2x2)
Exposure time total:    2h 25min
Mount:    Vixen New Atlux
Location:    Erdweg/Germany (500m)
Date:    2008-05-08

Object data of M 51

Object type:    Galaxy (Sbc)
Size:    11.2' x 6.9'
Magnitude:    8.1 mag
Constellation:    Canes Venatici
Distance:    31 Mio Ly

Object data of NGC 5195

Object type:    Galaxy (SB0)
Size:    5.8' x 4.6'
Magnitude:    10.5 mag
Constellation:    Canes Venatici
Distance:    25 Mio Ly

Notes:    North is right