Exposure data

Optics:    Pentax Asahi 200mm @ f/4
Camera:    SBIG ST8300M
Filters:    Baader HαLRGB
Exposure times:    Hα:2x15min L:12x15min R:2x15min G:2x15min B:2x15min
Exposure time total:    5h
Mount:    Vixen New Atlux
Location:    Erdweg/Germany (500m)
Date:    2011-12-28+29

Object data of B 33

Object type:    Dark nebula embedded in an emission nebula
Size:    8'x 6'
Magnitude:    -
Constellation:    Orion
Distance:    -

Object data of NGC 2024

Object type:    Emission nebula
Size:    30'
Magnitude:    7.5 mag
Constellation:    Orion
Distance:    1500 Ly