I live in Erdweg, a small village in Bavaria/Germany, 30 km northwest from Munich. My images were taken from my balcony, in the middle of a housing area with some disturbing street lights and other light pollution.

For my day job I am a master optician for a local company. My optical knowledge helps me a lot for my work in astroimaging. I have been interested in astronomy since my childhood. My passion for astronomy began much later, in the year 1997 with comet Hale-Bopp, in 1999 I could watch the total Solar Eclipse. Therefore I bought some astronomy books and informed myself in different astroforums in the Internet. From the first moment since I was inspired by those wonderful images. Some times later I finally was able to start astronomy with my first telescope, a 8" Newton Vixen R200SS on a Vixen Great Polaris DX.

With this telescope I observed the moon and the sun, the planets and many deep sky objects. After one year the wish came up to get into astrophotography. I imaged two years with film, after some good success serious deep sky imaging started in 2004 with my first monochrome SBIG ST2000XM CCD-camera, which I mainly used with a 4.5" Newton and a 12" Meade ACF. The purchase of this CCD camera was a very good decision. It was easier to obtain deeper images under my light-polluted sky, so the quality of the images increased enormously. From that point on I would say I was hooked on taking astroimages.

In the last 18 years I've used and tested a lot of different equipment. Currently I use a 10" Lacerta Newton and a 4.5" Newton on a 10Micron GM1000 HPS mount for astrophotography. Together with the SBIG ST8300M CCD-camera both are very good imaging setups. Astroimaging is a wonderful hobby, it is absolutely fascinating to bring faint objects of our beautiful universe to life.

For any questions or comments please send a mail to: m.deger@galaxyphoto.de