Exposure data

Telescope:    4.5" Newton f=440mm
Camera:    SBIG ST8300M
Filters:    Baader LRGB
Exposure times:    L:39x8min R:6x10min G:6x10min B:6x10min
Exposure time total:    8h 12min
Mount:    10 Micron GM 1000 HPS
Location:    Erdweg/Germany (500m)
Date:    2015-04-20+21
Object data of M 49

Object type:    Galaxy (E 2)
Size:    10.2' x 8.3'
Magnitude:    9.4 mag
Constellation:    Virgo
Distance:    56 Mio Ly
Object data of NGC 4535

Object type:    Galaxy (SAB)
Size:    6.9' x 5.2'
Magnitude:    9.8 mag
Constellation:    Virgo
Distance:    52 Mio Ly