Exposure data

Telescope:    12" Meade ACF f=3050mm
Camera:    SBIG ST2000XM
Filters:    SBIG LRGB + Astronomik Hα (13nm)
Exposure times:    L:36x4min R:10x4min G:10x4min B:10x4min (L:1x1 RGB:2x2) + Hα:10x4min (2x2)
Exposure time total:    5h 4min
Mount:    Vixen New Atlux
Location:    Erdweg/Germany (500m)
Date:    2009-08-15+16
Object data of NGC 40

Object type:    Planetary nebula
Size:    0.6' x 0.4'
Magnitude:    12.3 mag
Constellation:    Cepheus
Distance:    3500 Ly

Below you can find a 175% zoom of NGC 40